Strip & Polish

Professional Strip & Polish in Melbourne

Stripping and polishing supermarket floors is another area of our specialities.

With automatic scrubbers and ready to be transported to your site we are ready to give your supermarket floor the look you have always wanted.

The purpose of polishing a floor is to give it a glossy shine. A well polished floor can make your supermarket look cleaner and bigger.

Blue Jet Cleaning Services will help you uplift the appearance of your resilient floors, no matter what size!

We are able to provide regular service to these areas, from daily to weekly service depending on your requirement. Services can include bin emptying and car park cleaning.

We pride ourselves on quality. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information on our strip & polish services, please feel free to email an enquiry or call our office on 1800 BLUEJET (1800 258 353) for further assistance.

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