Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Vs. Dry Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a daunting task but that was in the past when there were no equipments and tools that can be helpful in keeping the carpet clean. The debate merely focused on what is best for a carpet to be cleaned. Is it the dry cleaning process or is it the steam cleaning, which is the best to keep the carpet clean at all times?

Because they have their own benefits and flaws as well, people especially home makers are confuse of how to use them properly. Because carpets are prone to stains and dirt, it should be kept clean on a regular basis. There are 2 simple ways to clean carpets and that may be through dry or steam. This article will help you choose between steam cleaning and dry cleaning or whichever fits your needs.

1. Carpet Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning a carpet over the steam process plays a vital role in the lives of so many people. The dry cleaning process will hold its own essence. When you use dry cleaning, it doesn’t mean that no water is involved in the process although, there is only less water involved compared to steam cleaning. There are cleaning processes involved in carpet dry cleaning that you should know and they are the dry foam method, the dry chem, the oscillating pad method and the dry compound. In dry foam method, there is a shampoo that you need to use and it should be there to dry out. Later on, the vacuum cleaner will suck the shampoo that has been dried out.

In the dry chem method, the entire method used is so important. The big alteration is that they use a bonnet pad instead of a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dirt and to keep the carpet clean.

The oscillating pad method uses spray with pH, it should be left there for a while. The spray will react and it will loosen up by the spray mixture. It will be removed later on using a bonnet scrub too.

Dry compound method is a process that is placed over the carpet and it is left there for a while. The mixture will be absorbed by dirt and it will be removed later on using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Carpet Steam Cleaning
This method of cleaning is usually linked to water usage in cleaning the carpet. It is also chosen by people because of the effectiveness of the water in cleaning the carpet. It helps in removing unwanted dirt that sits on the fibres of the carpet and it also helps in increasing the longevity of the carpet. This cleaning procedure will help in removing the dirt through the use of pressurises hot water that is mixed up with organic cleaning product. It will help in removing unwanted dirt and stains from your carpet.

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