School Cleaning

Professional School Cleaning in Melbourne
With our school cleaning and maintenance services, we can guarantee specific routine cleaning. This will not only improve the look of your school facilities, but also provide an healthy and inviting learning environment for your students.

A comfortable and clean teaching environment is certainly the key to a successful learning. Your teaching staff can thoroughly concentrate on teaching, whereas you students can focus on the classwork they are supposed to do. With the cleaning services we bring to you, you do not have to be concerned about cleanliness and maintenance of your instructive facility. Let us deliver a cost-effective and customised cleaning and maintenance service for you which will definitely be up to your expectation and will let your cleaning requirements fulfilled.

Our cleaning services are guaranteed and we make sure that our customers get the complete satisfaction of our services. We deal with all the school cleaning and their maintenance services. We are committed to provide our unique and high quality school cleaning services to our customers. We not only give a clean look to the school facilities, but indeed we aim to create an inviting and healthy learning environment in the school.

Why choose Blue Jet Cleaning Services:
We are not used to make empty claims but in fact we stand and deliver. Our school cleaning services are the proof of what we have and do. We have a professional team of highly dedicated and well trained whose honesty and work skills are unquestionable.

Our years of experience, training and technical education make us deliver up to the customers expectations. In addition, we have modern and highly sophisticated equipments which enable us to reach even unreachable spots of various items and clean them. We apply a well systematic methodology in our cleaning services which make sure that our services prove to be result oriented and nothing remain undone.

Considering the value of education, we believe that a healthy and perfect learning environment is inevitable not only for the students but for the teachers and management staff as well. Our cleaning services are highly acclaimed for creating such a desired and indispensable atmosphere.

We have an excellence in providing guaranteed and satisfactory services, hence we leave our customers after generating an everlasting pleasing impact on them about ourselves. If you are in the quest for reliable, trustworthy and professional school cleaning and maintenance company, we are available to serve you.

p.s all our staff are screened via a Police Check and hold a current Working with Children Certificate.

Below is a complete list of School Cleaning Services we offer:
• Chairs
• Computers
• Countertops
• Cupboard Fronts
• Desks
• Dust
• Library
• Light Fixtures
• Mirrors
• Mop/Sweep
• Pictures
• Play Areas
• Sinks/Tubs
• Staff Rooms
• Toilets
• Trash Removal
• Vacuum
• Wash Floors
• Wash Walls
• Whiteboards
• Windows
• and much more…

We pride ourselves on quality. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information on our school cleaning services, please feel free to email an enquiry or call our office on 1800 BLUEJET (1800 258 353) for further assistance.

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