School Cleaning Information You Must Know

School Cleaning Information You Must Know

When it comes to school cleaning, routine school cleaning information that you must be conversant with are available. We must all understand that children are allergic to some bacteria, hence the need for proper school cleaning. For example, Flu viruses can be contacted through sneezing or coughing by those people that are living with influenza. In some cases children may be infected just by mere touching of any object that is having flu viruses when they use their hand to touch their nose, eyes or mouth. School cleaning information will offer you the step-by-step guide of how you can carry out school cleaning.

We gathered from school cleaning information that the CDC otherwise known as the Centres for Diseases Control as well as the FCHD aka Fairfax County Health Department don’t give room for special cleaning such as non-detergent and bleach cleaning further than our existing custodial cleaning. The FCPS Plant operation staff members are commissioned to do the disinfecting and cleaning of FCPS educational amenities to manage and limit the escalation of bacteria and dangerous germs to curtail the spread of disease and infection. There are registered EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as well as disinfecting and cleaning agents readily available in schools through the Plants Operations staff. The school cleaning information also outlined disinfecting procedures.

There are procedures and protocols for cleaning classroom, office space, clinic, cafeteria, drinking fountain, locker room and weight room according to the school cleaning information. Clean classroom and office space everyday with disinfectant solution and make this a daily assignment. Also, you must clean the door handle and knobs everyday with the same disinfectant mixture. For desktops in the office, clean them also with disinfectant solution two times a week, while cleaning of window sills should be twice a week. Replenish soap dispensers and paper products where necessary.

When cleaning the clinic, take note of the counter tops, sink area, sink pipes and mirrors. Others are doors, doorknobs and door jambs. Clean all areas with disinfectant solution. However, the restroom should equally be put into consideration during cleaning. Therefore, clean and sanitise all toilets, drinking fountain as well as urinals. You have to check the drinking fountains everyday to ensure that it is in a sanitary and clean condition as contained in the school cleaning information.

There is also a different procedure for the cleaning of the cafeteria that you must note. When cleaning this section, you are required to clean and sanitise the top of the counter every day. Tiled floors should be sanitised by mopping or automatic scrubber. These are regular school cleaning information you ought to know.

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