Office Cleaning Tips

Office Cleaning Tips

Do you know that a lot of people can be very productive if their work place is clean and clutter free? A lot of times, office cleaning are not just about taking off the clutters on the tables. It is not just about sorting stacks of papers and putting everything on the table away. There are times when office cleaning is more than that.

If you are currently working in a home office, it is so essential for you to make your work place breathable and you can only do that by cleaning all the time. Working in a conventional office building is preferable than working at home because there are no kids to add clutter to the work place and the entire building can be cleaned by cleaning personnel and not you.

1. First thing that you should do is to de clutter your work place. This is a usual thing to do especially if your work involves a lot of paper, files and books that needs to be organised all the time. You shouldn’t just stack everything away, but what you can do is to find a better place where you can put all of them in a very organise manner. This method may take much of your time but it can be very helpful to you along the way.

2. Next thing that you can do is to start office cleaning at your desk. Once you have found the right places for your things on your table, you are now ready to clean other places within your work place. Eating while working or drinking while working is a common activity for a lot of people but this isn’t right. This is because you put your hands to other places on your table and then put your hands on your food. You are just transferring germs and bacteria to your food. Make sure that your table is clean at all times so that you will not make your table a breeding ground for bacteria that may bring you harm. You can wipe the things on your table with alcohol but you shouldn’t spray directly glass top cleaners because they may cause harm.

3. Next thing that you need to attend to is the furniture within your work place like table, sofa, chairs, bookshelves and others. You need to make sure that they are clean especially their surfaces. Books should be dust free, you can do that by dusting them or use a cloth and put on some dust cleaner on it.

4. Always check the rubbish bin if it is clean or if it is piled up with lots of papers already. When you throw garbage in the rubbish bin make sure that they are well segregated. You should separate biodegradable ones from non-biodegradable ones so that the rubbish bin will not smell bad too.

Keeping your work place clean at all times is not just good for the eyes of your supervisors or bosses but it will also be good for your health and it will also increase your productivity.

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