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Blue Jet Cleaning Services offers professional builders cleaning in Melbourne with an outstanding reputation for quality and commitment.

builders cleaning melbourne
We understand the importance of builders clean on construction sites and we know that you want the building to look its absolute best when presented to your client. From individual new buildings to multi-unit developments. Blue Jet Cleaning Services have the expertise and experience to accomplish your requirements to your satisfaction.

Blue Jet Cleaning Services is fully insured with $20 Million Public Liability. Our staff are fully trained and supervised to provide quality builders cleaning all over Melbourne.

Blue Jet Cleaning Services can successfully complete the following services:

• Dump rags & wipe all lights
• Switch lights
• Air-conditioner & fittings
• Remove dust from lights & fixtures

Wall & doors:
• Wipe wall skirts
• Remove marks & scuff from walls
• Scrub/wash & wipe doors handle
• Wipe switchboards

Stair case:
• Wipe & polish rail handles
• Vacuum and/or mop steps

Remove stain from hard surfaces that are not painted:
(Such as Tiles, Ceramic, Marble, Timber & etc)
• Paint: By Thinner
• Sticker: By Citrus
• Stain: By G-Solve on carpet & sensitive Surfaces

• Cabinet Internal/External: Wash & Wipe
• Sink & Benches: Wash & Wipe
• Polish: Stainless Sinks

• Mirror: Wash & Squeegee
• Cabinet Internal/External: Wash & Wipe
• Toilet Pot & Flash Tank: Wash & Wipe
• Basin: Wash & Wipe

• Vacuum all soft floor
• Sweep & mop hard floor

Window Internal & External:
• Remove stickers
• Wash & squeegee
• Wipe frame all round

We pride ourselves on quality. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information on our builders cleaning services, please feel free to email an enquiry or call our office on 1800 BLUEJET (1800 258 353) for further assistance.

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